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Serving the community for over 45 years.







Reclaim the Joy


FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015

4PM to 6PM

Please Join Us at a Location Near You


1. Sidewalk along Sunrise Hwy @ Massapequa Train Station

2. Sidewalk along Old Country Road, Westbury ( Between

        Meadowbrook and Buy Buy Baby

3. Sidewalk along Sunrise Hwy @ Lynbrook Train Station


4. Sidewalk along 25A Mount Sinai @ Heritage Park

5. Sidewalk along Route 110, Huntington Station (Walt Whitman Mall near front of Lord & Taylor)

6. Sidewalk along 200 Sunrise Hwy Babylon (Babylon Town Hall)

7. Sidewalk along Route 347, Hauppauge (Bill Richards Park)


 Marianne Slevin & Lori Christensen: ED-Delegates


Dental Benefits:


Dental Coverage Eligibility and Late Enrollment Penalties

UTIT Welfare Trust dental and vision coverage:

Any UTIT member that has worked at least one day this school year and will be employed for the 2015-2016 school year is eligible for dental and vision coverage.  If you are a new enrollee or have any changes (i.e. got married, moved, had a child, etc.), please complete a new enrollment form (See Forms page of this website).

If you are a late enrollee for dental coverage (you didn’t enroll when first eligible or didn’t maintain continuous dental coverage), please see the late enrollment information (below) that will apply to you.

Dental Coverage Choices:                                                   

Family Dental Coverage at $240                                     

Individual Dental Coverage at $150                       

Vision Coverage Choices:                                      

Family Vision Coverage at $20                              

Individual Vision Coverage at $10

Checks are made out to UTIT Welfare Trust Fund and will not be cashed until June 25th. Please visit the "Forms" page of this website and include the Participation Form with your payment

************PLEASE ENROLL PROMPTLY**********

Any questions, please feel free to contact:

Doug Rigo at drigo@islandtrees.org
John Callis at jcallis@islandtrees.org
Betsy Lashin at blashin@islandtrees.org
Heidy Fishkind @ hfishkindsantangelo@islandtrees.org

Jeff Esposito at jesposito@islandtrees.org

Dental Coverage Eligibility: 
Teachers become eligible for dental coverage on the first day of September of their second year employed in Island Trees SD.  Employment for a full year is not necessary.  Only one day of work is required for eligibility for dental coverage in the second year of employment.

Coverage for you and/or your dependents cannot begin before you enroll.

Appropriate forms and required payments must be submitted by the designated due date (this year is May 29, 2015) of the employees’ first year working in ITSD.

Members that do not sign up for dental coverage promptly or didn’t maintain continuous dental coverage can sign up at any time after becoming eligible, but must understand that late enrollment has a consequence of limited coverage for the first 24 months of coverage.

Below are the details taken from the dental handbook that outlines the penalties for not enrolling promptly.  The intent of the penalty is to prevent any member from not paying for dental coverage only to suddenly enroll when a need for coverage arises.

Late Enrollment Limitations and Penalties:
Anyone who enrolls after 31 days after becoming eligible for dental coverage, will receive NO COVERAGE until YOU or such DEPENDENTS has been covered for:
Six months under Diagnostic and Preventive Services, other than routine oral examinations and x-rays AND
Twenty four months with respect to Periodontal, Major and Orthodontic Services.


End Of Year Party Thursday, June 11th

Sal's Place

1495 Hicksville Road, Massapequa

$10.00 Per Person- All Island Trees Staff Welcome!

(Pay at the Door)

Open Bar & Hot Buffet


Retirees: Joanne Pitzer, Andrea Hunt, Chris Hoffman & Shelley Frumberg

25 Years of Service:

Susan Oliveto, Cheryl Cohen, Ellen Murphy & Greg Warnokowski

30 Years of Service:

Deborah Kilstein



For NYSUT Member Benefit Information visit the link below:

Visit: http://www.nysut.org/memberbenefits/mbRedirect.html



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